Ulala Express Driver - Contractor

Ulala Express is currently looking for courier drivers.

Please note that this job is only for applicants who own their own cars. Your vehicle needs to have enough space, so we prefer suv, mini-van and van.

  • You can freely choose the order you want to deliver based on your own schedule. At the same time, we also provide bulk order delivery options for fixed time periods with stable commercial customers.
  • We will try our best to ensure that your route is limited in a certain area, and reduce the possibility of crossing different areas.
  • Our system will provide a pre-planned route map for your convenience. During the delivery, the route instructions will also be updated in real-time to reduce unnecessary detour.
  • We use industry-leading technology to protect the privacy and personal information of you and customers.

This job is commission-based. You are not an employee of Ulala Express, but an independent contractor. Therefore, your car repairs, parts, and other expenses are tax-deductible.

You can join our team as long as you meet a few basic requirements:

  • You need to be 19 years or older.
  • Hold a valid local driving license, class 5.
  • You must own your own vehicle and purchase valid insurance
  • -(Commercial insurance is only applicable when you work for more than 6 days a month. We hope that you could work for us worry-free, so we will help you complete the insurance purchase smoothly, reduce your financial pressure in the best way we can. In addition, your extra Insurance can be tax-deductible)
  • You should have an Android or iOS smartphone, your mobile plan needs to include data option.
  • A Bluetooth headset to ensure your driving safety.
  • Have a positive attitude and great patience with customers.
  • Able to safely carry 40 pounds of cargo, drive safely all the time. Your safety is also our top priority.
  • It is better to have local delivery experience in Vancouver.

You will deliver:

  • Retail goods
  • Fresh food
  • Packages
  • Meal prep kits

Why cooperate with Ulala Express:

  • An extra income: You can directly earn commissions, which will be credited to your bank account twice a month. Your income can reach $25/hour, and you can keep 100% tips.
  • Low requirements: You do not need any special education or training.
  • Freedom of choice: Yes, you can freely choose your working hours, or you can work for other companies, as long as you can complete the delivery of our orders within the specified time.
  • Start working as your own boss, you can gradually establish your own delivery business. We are a platform that not only cooperates with individuals but also hopes to work with stable contractors for a long time.

Please submit your resume and available working hours to jobs@ulala.ca.