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Intermediate Java Developer

Who we are:

Ulala Technologies is a Vancouver-based last-mile courier software provider. With the amazing work done by our dev team and the great support from our clients, Ulala has successfully built our own last-mile courier platform, which has been proactively adopted by multiple clients across Canada. We are a well-funded start-up and we can’t wait to have more talented developers join our team.

Your Role:

You will be working as an Intermediate Java Developer, and you shall be a part of Ulala’s core tech products’ design and development team. As a startup, Ulala’s team philosophy is focused and agile. We believe a two days prototype works better than 50 page UML design. We believe in divide and conquer, decoupling, small tickets, and fast iteration.

Your Job:

•          Design, and implement highly scalable services that are heavily used by Warehouses, Dispatch, Sortation Centers and drivers.

•          Your services shall be adopted by different kinds of ERP, WMS systems. Not only system users, but a list of smart devices and machinery are proactively interacting with your services.

•          Implementing Agile philosophy, working closely with the product and dev team to achieve continuous development, and continuous improvement.

•          Write unit and integration tests for your Java code

•          Monitor and support the operation of production systems

•          Participate in knowledge-sharing activities with colleagues

About You:

•          Bachelor's degree required in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent

•          Minimum 5 years of Java development experience in an Agile environment, building scalable, multi-threaded applications and services

•          Minimum 3 years of Java EE development experience, familiar with EJB/Jakarta EE, Spring, JPA, JMS, JSF, Vue, etc

•          REST API development experience and Message-driven programming

•          Solid understanding of modern software design principles

•          Fluency with Linux/Mac

•          Passion for Test Driven Development

Nice to have:

•          Experience with Micro Service Architecture

•          Experience with Java Application Performance tuning

•          Experience with Kafka, Hazelcast

•          Experience with Geographic information system (GIS) development

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Ulala Express Driver - Contractor

Ulala Express is currently looking for courier drivers.

Please note that this job is only for applicants who own their own cars. Your vehicle needs to have enough space, so we prefer suv, mini-van and van.

  • You can freely choose the order you want to deliver based on your own schedule. At the same time, we also provide bulk order delivery options for fixed time periods with stable commercial customers.
  • We will try our best to ensure that your route is limited in a certain area, and reduce the possibility of crossing different areas.
  • Our system will provide a pre-planned route map for your convenience. During the delivery, the route instructions will also be updated in real-time to reduce unnecessary detour.
  • We use industry-leading technology to protect the privacy and personal information of you and customers.

This job is commission-based. You are not an employee of Ulala Express, but an independent contractor. Therefore, your car repairs, parts, and other expenses are tax-deductible.

You can join our team as long as you meet a few basic requirements:

  • You need to be 19 years or older.
  • Hold a valid local driving license, class 5.
  • You must own your own vehicle and purchase valid insurance
  • -(Commercial insurance is only applicable when you work for more than 6 days a month. We hope that you could work for us worry-free, so we will help you complete the insurance purchase smoothly, reduce your financial pressure in the best way we can. In addition, your extra Insurance can be tax-deductible)
  • You should have an Android or iOS smartphone, your mobile plan needs to include data option.
  • A Bluetooth headset to ensure your driving safety.
  • Have a positive attitude and great patience with customers.
  • Able to safely carry 40 pounds of cargo, drive safely all the time. Your safety is also our top priority.
  • It is better to have local delivery experience in Vancouver.

You will deliver:

  • Retail goods
  • Fresh food
  • Packages
  • Meal prep kits

Why cooperate with Ulala Express:

  • An extra income: You can directly earn commissions, which will be credited to your bank account twice a month. Your income can reach $25/hour, and you can keep 100% tips.
  • Low requirements: You do not need any special education or training.
  • Freedom of choice: Yes, you can freely choose your working hours, or you can work for other companies, as long as you can complete the delivery of our orders within the specified time.
  • Start working as your own boss, you can gradually establish your own delivery business. We are a platform that not only cooperates with individuals but also hopes to work with stable contractors for a long time.

Please submit your resume and available working hours to

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Ulala Express招聘快递司机

Ulala Express目前正在招聘快递司机。

请注意,此工作只面向那些拥有自己汽车的申请者,您的车型需要有足够的空间,所以我们倾向于SUV, mini-van以及van这些车型。

  • 您可以按照您自己的时间安排自由选择希望运送的订单。同时,我们也提供固定时间段以及固定商业客户的批量订单递送选项。
  • 我们会尽可能保证您的路线集中在某个区域,减少跨城区的可能。
  • 我们的系统会提供一份提前规划好的路线图,同时在派送途中的路线指示也会进行实时更新,减少您绕远路的可能性。
  • 我们采用了业界领先的技术以保证您和客户的隐私以及个人信息安全。

这份工作是以佣金为基础的,您并不是Ulala Express的雇员,而是一名独立的承包商。因此,您的汽车维修,零件和其他费用是可以抵税的。


  • 您需要是19岁或以上。
  • 持有有效完整的本地驾驶执照。
  • 您必须拥有自己的车辆并购买有效的保险
  • -(商业保险只适用于每月工作超过6天的情况,我们希望您在工作的过程中不要有后顾之忧,所以我们会帮助您顺利完成保险的购买,减轻您的经济压力,并且您这样的额外保险可以获得抵税)
  • 有一个安卓或iOS的智能手机,您的手机计划需要包含数据流量。
  • 有一个蓝牙无线耳机以保证您的驾驶安全。
  • 有一个乐观和积极的态度以及耐心对待客户的心态。
  • 能够安全的搬运40磅的货物,安全驾驶。您的安全也是我们的首要任务。
  • 有在温哥华本地做配送的经验更佳.


  • 零售商品
  • 生鲜食品
  • 文件
  • 膳食准备包

为什么和Ulala Express合作:

  • 一份额外的收入:您可以直接赚取佣金,佣金每月会两次直接打入您的银行账户。您的收入可以达到$25/小时,并可以保留100%的小费。
  • 较低的门槛:您不需要任何特殊教育或培训。
  • 选择的自由:是的,您可以自由选择工作时间,也可以为其他公司工作,只要您能在规定时间内完成我们订单的递送即可。
  • 从做自己的老板的开始,您可以逐步建立自己的配送公司。我们是一个平台,不仅和个人合作,更希望和稳定的承包商长期合作。


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Your Privacy Protected

Talking about awesome moments in our day-to-day life, especially when more and more people are choosing to work from home, nothing can beat the sound of arriving packages. It could be a great meal combo for next week, or a sushi takeout that you been waiting. Yet, with the convenience, there always is a gotcha. With more and more delivery companies joining the field, customers are seeing a rising possibility that their personal contact information could be exposed to strangers, and it could become super annoying. I cannot be the only victim of those daily spam phone calls.

At Ulala Express, we treat your privacy as our top 1 priority, and that's why we released this virtual phone feature just for you - our customers. At first glance, nothing changed, you still get messages or phone calls like every other day. But when our drivers call or message you, they will not see your phone number at all. Instead, they will only call/message a virtual phone number that Ulala Express assigned to this particular customer. So, when drivers and customers are talking or messaging, they are actually using each other's virtual phone numbers. In addition, when your package is delivered, you will not be associated with that virtual number anymore. In other words, strangers won't be able to just call you with the virtual number that you used 10 minutes ago.